Experience Colombia

Colombia, the country of magical realism

The wind blows from the northern part of Colombia and in the striking landscape of La Guajira it begins to spin the windmills, those enormous knights that Don Quixote saw in his imagination. After playing with the blades for a while, the wind continues along the beaches of Cartagena and cools down the women sunbathing there, before squeezing through the holes in the walls of an ancient city that tells it stories of heroes from long ago. It reaches Medellín and here it races against the Metro. Having lost, the breeze follows the mountain upwards, shakes the coffee leaves until it reaches Bogotà, cold, where it forces people to put their hands in their pockets and seek warmth while it throws itself from a very high building.

The wind knows that in Colombia boredom is not an option as here there is everything anyone could need. In the jungle exotic animals and flying parrots that help improve your flying techniques. On the beaches, the sea and fruit juices that refresh the tourists warmed by the sun. In the deserts it makes the cloaks of the Wayuu natives dance, while in the mountains it likes to scare the citizens of the big cities who are frightened by the cold and run to look for a place in which they can drink piping hot chocolate and hot aguapanela with lemon. In the plains, it runs free until it meets the cattle, it finds a harp and starts to sing the joropo.

In this country the wind has a lot to do with feeling magical, because it is a magical Country. Because its richness is the water that is created by the parami and which remains on reserve in the lakes. Its richness is the great variety of the products of the land, from fruit to sugar, to corn. Its richness is its natural diversity, with every species of fauna and flora that makes everyone fall in love, from kings to insects. Its richness is the quality of its coffee, aromatic and delicious, and the variety and abundance of its healthy, energizing, nutritious cuisine. Its richness is found in its endless libraries and museums located in the streets of its cities, and even more in the warmth and joy of its people, who wake up each day with the will to live and dance.

Now, a Country in which richness is not measured in pesos, dollars or euro is magical. But these riches are indeed the strong points that provide stability and support the innovation and modernization of the country, earning the trust of the global economy day by day, as many current international agreements show.

In this Country, where 70 % of the soil is perfect for agriculture and the doors are open to the world, there are hundreds of answers for the planet that Colombia is hoping to share in order to spread magic realism through humanity.


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