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Fonseca, the chameleon artist

He is not a person to find an easy route and then rest on his laurels: Fonseca likes to try, explore and change, even when curiosity and transformations carry risks. Because of this, when he became famous on the radio and began to have more fans, his music continued to evolve, although its roots have always remained the same. After the catchy songs on his first album, influenced by tropical rhythms and dances, Fonseca explored the bolero and folk music like ranchera, llanera music and vallenato, with trips into merengue, salsa, tango and even flamenco. A few years ago, he even recorded an album with the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia.

Bold in his every endeavour, because one never knows how the public may react, Fonseca’s talent led him to music even at the age of five. He has created a special sound rich with influences that his fans are always in tune with. Also, while experimenting with different genres, he involved many different international artists in the projects, like Willie Colon, one of the greatest salsa artists, Latin rockers Juanes and Carlos Vives, the Ecuadorian composer Juan Fernando Velasco, the Mexican band Reik, New Yorker Victor Manuelle, rock singer Alejandra Guzman and many others.

In his thirteen-year career, he has sold more than a million discs, won three Latin Grammies and given concerts in England, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica and Panama, in 16 cities in the United States and more. He has more than 3.3 million followers on Twitter, and his videos have gotten more than 100 million views on YouTube.

Fonseca knows that music not only gives listeners peace, courage and happiness, but that it is also a valuable instrument in social causes. The artist has participated in a number of United Nations projects, including one fighting violence against women, for which he held a historic concert in Guatemala. Also, along with Colombian singer Juanes, he worked on the “Dreaming is a Right” project against the recruitment of children by illegal groups.

Armed with perseverance, authenticity and enthusiasm, Fonseca has found a way to grow within the complicated music industry. Among the heirs to the musical movement begun with Carlos Vives, Fonseca has been able to set himself apart with a unique style that he has never stopped promoting since the beginning of his musical career in 2002, when this young man in love with life and music dared to dream of playing his music on the stages of the whole world.


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